Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Favorite Outdoor Spaces

We just returned home last night from a relaxing trip to Palm Springs and L.A. where we spent a large majority of our time enjoying the sun and desert landscape.  The air was so crisp with the lack of humidity and the oasis in the desert was all that more vivid because of it.  Palm trees and plants were green and the sky a bright blue with the lack of clouds.  Seeing this "Garden of Eden" lit up at night was truly magical and I wish my camera could've captured it.  Morning runs with were met with anticipation to experience the desert awake with peachy sun-drenched mountains ahead of us and cool clean air coursing through our lungs.   Villa entryways were dripping with bougainvillea and courtyards were full of fresh roses, potted succulents and the sounds of fountains running nearby.  It has inspired me to get our backyard in order so that we can enjoy the greenery as well.  Here are photos that inspire me, some from sources listed at the bottom and others taken during our trip.  I hope they inspire you as well.

Images via Pininterest, Decorpad, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, and my own

Someone told me there is an app that analyzes plant photos from your phone and tells you what variety they are.  I haven't managed to find it but if any of you know which app it is, please comment!  That would help me immensely!

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Desert Escape

Since we're leaving for the desert tomorrow, I thought I would highlight a home with a desert backdrop but looks as though it belongs in the Hollywood Hills.  The creative forces behind my beloved Lonny Mag joined forces with Traditional Home to create an online magazine, TRAD Home.  Let me just say, you MUST check out this magazine!!  It is chock full of new designers and I'm just loving every feature in it.  There are so many inspiration nuggets and I'm sure I'll be mining it for a while.  Back to this featured home..  It was designed and built by Jamie Herzlinger who's pedigree is in the fashion world but who's heart belongs in Arizona.  After leaving her family in New York to pursue her dream of interior design, she's never turned back and is now known for her "modern aesthetic that's sleek and urbane."  For me, I love the details she has incorporated into the home such as the intricate doorways that lead into the next room and the architectural details of the ceilings.  Of course, the Hollywood Regency design is spot on and isn't that pool just jaw-dropping against the desert skies?!  Enough of this talking, let's check out the pics!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White Walls

My trip to NYC was such a whirlwind filled with great friends, good food, and plenty of shopping.  It's been difficult to adjust back to normalcy.  I lucked into staying at the Crosby Street Hotel and it was an absolute pleasure!  Ah, I can't wait to go back :)  And now we're in Oklahoma City visiting more good friends before we leave for Palm Springs this weekend.  Tis the season for travel, him and I.  

After absorbing all of the lights and sounds and chaos of a big city, I find myself gravitating towards simplicity and white walls.  Hence, the next photos.

images via Greige, Architectural Digest, Full House, and Decorpad

Have a blessed day!